At Revstance, Sustainability and Innovation are a core part of our mission.

Together with our brands and customers, we want to reinvent the fashion industry and build a sustainable, inclusive fashion eco-system from the ground up.

The only feasible future for the fashion industry is conscious, circular and inclusive and we aim to promote awareness at an individual level.

Our mission is closely aligned with that of the UN Sustainable Development Goals of:

  • 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • 9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • 12. Responsible Consumption and Production

We are driven by these goals and encompass these practices in our work by the following actions:

  • Working with independent brands: The brands we work with our individually, or family owned, small businesses who contribute to the fabric of their local communities.
  • We promote fairness and transparency at every step of the supply chain: We only work with brands and suppliers with ethical and humane working conditions locally and abroad
  • All of the designs we sell are exclusive and original:  All of the items are produced either by the designers themselves or under their close supervision and to stringent quality standards.
  • The majority of all sales proceeds are paid directly to the brands. This means they can pay better wages to their suppliers and employees, produce higherquality products locally, and have a lower environmental impact in getting their products to you.
  • We promote the reuse and sharing of products bought on Revstance on our partner platform: Meet Your Wardrobe ( We also share our commission back with the brands to ensure that they receive recurring revenue during the life of their products, much like a musician or a writer receiving royalties for their art. This in turn, helps the brands with their degrowth strategy.
  • We provide free wardrobe usage tracking tools via Meet Your Wardrobe to help consumers make more sustainable choices.


Interested in learning more about our approach towards sustainability? Check out our Sustainability Education Hub via the link below: