Sustainability is a core part of our mission at Revstance.

Together with our brand and customers, we want to reinvent the fashion industry. Sustainability of how fashion is made and consumed is no longer optional… everyone needs to be conscious of what they’re buying and what they own. We strongly believe that the future for the fashion industry is conscious, circular, and inclusive.

At Revstance we are building a sustainable fashion eco-system.

  • We only work with independent brands. That is brands that are managed by the designer or their family. Independent brands form an important part of the fabric of our local communities. Increasing their resilience during periods of economic turbulence. They are hubs around which local communities congregate. 
  • We promote a fair and transparent supply chain by requiring our suppliers to refrain from using sweatshops, trafficked, bonded, child, or forced labour.
  • All of the designs we sell are one-of-a-kind, original, and exclusive to each brand. All items are produced specifically for the designer or under their close supervision and to stringent quality standards.
  • Whenever it is feasible, the collections are crafted in the artist's hometown by local craftspeople or by the designer themselves in limited quantities.
  • The majority of all sales proceeds are paid directly to the brands. This means they can pay better wages to their suppliers, produce higher-quality products locally, and have a lower environmental impact in getting their products to you.
  • We promote the reuse and sharing of products bought on Revstance on our partner platform We also share our commission back with the brands to ensure that receive reoccuring revenue during the life of their products. This also works towards helping them with their degrowth strategy.
  • We provide free wardrobe usage tracking tools via our partner platform to help consumers make more sustainable choices.

Interested in learning more about sustainability? Check out our sustainability education hub via the link below:

If you have any questions about these please contact Revstance at [email protected]