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A spacious and timeless everyday bag designed to encourage a circular economy and uplift the spirit with the softest, most touchable leather and its playful versatility. With each movement, the smooth, naturally-tanned leather molds to the silhouette, and the bag’s durability speaks to its material quality and craftsmanship. Each Philosophy bag is carefully handmade in Portugal and Austria.

Colour: Black – naturally tanned using the tara tanning substance, extracted from the pods of the small tara tree (caesalpinia spinosa) and dyed using eco-safe dyes without use of heavy metals. 

Includes a Compartment / Pouchette Bag

Each Philosophy bag comes with a versatile, artisan-crafted leather pochette that can attach to the inside of your shopper. The stylishly adorable bag comes with a thin strap that detaches to transform it into a clutch or, use the strap on the Philosophy bag to create a new look.


Ideal for keeping your phone and valuables in one place; making it easy to switch handbags. Straps: Included: Detachable wide soft leather strap (4 cm width / 140 cm length, adjustable) and thin strap for pouchette.


Play: Change up the mood and impression of your Natural Nuance bag with straps, belts, and scarves you might have at home.


Circular Design Elements

Made without glue or non-recyclable adhesive materials, foils and detailing. Easy to reuse and repurpose the large swath of leather that make up the body of the bag, leaves minimum waste before it is upcycled again.


To clean your Philosophy Shopper, it is sufficient to remove dust and light dirt with a damp cloth or a clean brush.


Care products should only be used sparingly, as fatty products may cling to the pores of the leather and change the colour. Light colours in particular may change as a result of treatment with waterproofing spray and other care products.


If you want to retain the original look of the bag for as long as possible, we recommend treating it with care, to avoid humidity, great variations in termperature within short timeframes, as well as direct sunlight for long periods of time. Furthermore, you should try to avoid exposing the bag to fats, oils, perfume and other aggressive products, as these may cause permanent stains. 

Returns: If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, you can return it to us unworn and in its original condition within 14 days of the date the item was dispatched.


Returns must be initiated via the Revstance platform, please view the Shipping and Returns page for further instructions


Natural Nuance was founded with the ambition to create timelessly beautiful, functional accessories with a Circular Economy mindset.

Not only are our pieces handcrafted using ethically sourced natural materials, we take all the principles of Sustainable, Ethical Fashion and elevate them with our Circular Design principles. 


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