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What makes our tastemaker program more than your average affiliate program?

We believe fashion isn’t just about clothes, it’s about people. It’s an industry that needs you to obsess over the details and to see things differently. It is also an industry that requires you to work together to achieve greatness. It requires you to work as a community. At Revstance our mission is to create a safe space for such communities… a space for Community Driven Fashion. We are looking for amazing people that understand this and believe in our mission. We’re looking for people to join our community to drive this mission and this vision forward while also earning money as they do so. If this sounds like you, fill out the form below to tell us a bit about yourself and how you would work with Revstance to drive our community-driven vision forwards!

What do you get from our tastemakers program?

  • Become part of our community of Tastemakers and Emerging Designers and Artisans.
  • Get 10% of each and every sale that you bring in. We do this in a way that is easy to use and completely transparent.
  • Get a dedicated “Shop” page where you can curate products from our range of amazing emerging designers and artisans. This page becomes yours to share. Every product you tag in your shop page can then be freely shared through its unique link. You get a commission of every sale made via the link.
  • Access to new product launches.
  • Get access to regular online events.
  • Get spotlights on our socials and other channels.
  • Amongst other perks…

Does it have minimum commitment criteria?

Absolutely not! There are no expectations at all, we are here to help you succeed, and there are no minimum time commitments.

How do you use your affiliate links?

You can incorporate it into anything you share e.g. your socials, blog, email, etc. However, we are always on hand to bounce ideas with regards to how you can leverage the links.

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Tell us a bit about yourself… Are you active on social media? If you are, make sure to drop in your handles/links here! If you love to write online we’d love to see a link to your blog! We look forward to hearing from you!


Apply now using the form below!