It is our platforms forum where Revstance users that love fashion and beauty can share thoughts and ideas.
It is a digital currency used within Revstance, it is generated through a variety of user actions on the platform; such as posting, reviewing and starting comment threads. We have a number of events through the year where tickets are priced in REV.
Each brand has its own refund policy, please view the product page to see how each brand handles refunds before making your purchase.
Yes we do. All products are shipped using DHL Express.
Your daily REV is limited by your plan level, starting on the free plan which is limited to 5 REV per day.
You can only post to the Creative Hub if you have 10 REVs or more. Please interact with your fellow creatives post to build up your REVs.
It means we are a very new platform that is still in the process of building, growing and getting feedback from amazing people like you! Even though we have done extensive testing there is a chance that an issue might pop-up now and again. If you do notice something/anything or have any feedback at all we would love to hear from you!