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A Community Driven Fashion Platform Showcasing Amazing Independent Designers and Artisans.

To be an independent designer or an artisan today you have to be fiercely passionate about what you're doing! Every piece you create representing who you are, baring your heart and soul through your creations.

At Revstance you are not just buying arbitrary products, you’re investing in your wardrobe and buying from the future of fashion. You’re buying from people that obsess over the details and see the world differently.


Buy from amazing independent designers and artisans! Whether you're looking for that dress that screams Haute Couture, or the Perfect Shade of Red lipstick to complete your look...


Discover areas of fashion that you were not familiar with. We run virtual events throughout the year, which means you can join in no matter where you are in the world!


Connect with and participate in a community of like minded people, fostering creativity and collaboration. An opportunity to be among peers as you travel and grow on your creative journey.

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